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Jenna Moreci: You’ve ruined me!

Before I get into the reasons why, I want to say that I wish I could give The Savior’s Champion more than 5 stars!


I watch your videos on YouTube, especially the ones on the craft of writing. So I decided to check out your first novel, Eve: The Awakening, and I loved it. So naturally, I pre-ordered The Savior’s Champion and waited eagerly for its release. I’m in Australia, so I couldn’t help the satisfied smirk on my face, knowing that I got my copy hours before anyone in the US.

The Savior’s Champion sucked me in right from the start. I loved Tobias. And Milo. And Tobias’s sister, Naomi. And later, Leila.

There were a couple of things I predicted – or rather, wondered if they were true – but as I kept reading, I thought they couldn’t be true because of certain things that happened. But they were. That blew me away.

The action ramped up and the blood continued to spill and it got harder and harder to put the book down.

The third person to die in the tournament made me teary and left me feeling angry. And another death further toward the end. I was seething along with Tobias. I wanted the culprit to die a horrible death.

I even wrote a list of all 20 competitors down on a piece of paper so I could keep track of who’s who. And to cross them off as they died…

When the end of the book was approaching, I sat and read for about 2 hours non-stop, just so I could get to the end. It took my breath away and left me wanting more. I need you to hurry up and finish The Savior’s Sister!

And now that it’s all over, I’m scrambling around through my Kindle app trying to find another book to read, and none of them can grab my interest. I look at the book description. I read a bit of the sample. And nothing. Nothing compares.

I’ve been ruined. And it’s all your fault, Jennaaa!

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