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Quite literally I feel like Lennina must feel, so that is good because I am in the story, I am the character.

Lynn Smith - Early reader

When disaster strikes, Lennina will have to use her newly awakened powers to save the man she loves. A romantic science fiction adventure.

Can you be in love with someone you’ve never met?

On the mining colony, Perseus Station, Navigational Computer Operators like Lennina are supposed to be cool and collected, guiding their Diggers through the difficult and dangerous task of mining in Kronos’s toxic atmosphere. Emotions only put the Diggers in more danger.

But Lennina’s emotions have been a bit of a problem lately. She cares more for her Digger, Javolo, than she should. She’s only ever spoken to him over the radio, but their bond goes far beyond just ‘colleagues.’ Lennina’s boyfriend, Malvolio, is convinced that she’s having an affair with him. As Malvolio’s ire escalates to violence, Lennina makes a potentially deadly error at work. With Javolo’s life in her hands, Lennina can’t afford to make mistakes.

When an earthquake hits Kronos, burying the miners under rock and rubble, everyone assumes Javolo is dead. Lennina knows he isn’t. She can feel him in her mind, a telepathic connection that she can’t begin to explain. Lennina will have to fight to convince the company that he’s alive and to save him, before Kronos’s poisonous air finishes the job the earthquake started.

Great for lovers of Sci-fi and Paranormal with elements of romance.