“This book is chock full of adventure. The depth of the characters and their feelings is awesome. This book should be made into a movie. I would definitely go to see it.” (For Tamisan)

★★★★★ – Kimberly Rose (Amazon review for Tamisan)

Experience the full Tamisan story with this complete boxed set.

Experience the full Tamisan story with this complete boxed set.

Mortally wounded Zhenna Rhodarma has had her consciousness transferred into the body of a Waikari, a native of planet Althar 3. Her new form has two hearts, psychic abilities and can breathe underwater. But there’s more than just deadly flora and fauna waiting for her in the jungles of Althar 3, and the man who created her will stop at nothing to get his experiment back.

Fortunately, Zhenna isn’t alone. Her telepathic cry for help is answered by Darion, who sets out to rescue her. Zhenna is going to need his help to survive long enough to adjust to her powerful new body. But the two of them will have to face off many enemies before they can return to the safety of Darion’s underground base.

Can Zhenna learn to navigate a new body, a new world and new love as she tries to remake herself as Tamisan?

Illegal Experiments. Dangerous Escapes. Enemies closing in. If you love Sci-Fi adventure stories with a romantic twist, then dive in to the Tamisan series today.

Boxed set contains Tamisan (Book 1) and Enigma (Book 2).