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I love it… I thought it was awesome… I cried along with Larissa.

- Kimberly Rodighiero - Early reader

Victim of an illegal experiment, should Larissa break her vow to never take a life – or will rogue scientists create an army of super soldiers?

When an opportunity to study on another planet presents itself, Larissa Malinya is all too eager to escape the home that holds so many grief-filled memories.

Afraid of losing anyone else in her life, Larissa resists her growing attraction to Janssen, another botanist on the ship. But before she can reconcile her feelings, an emergency landing exposes them to a brazen attack.

Detained in a strange medical facility, Larissa unwittingly despairs that she’s the lone survivor. Heartache soon turns to horror when she discovers the scientists’ diabolical plan to create an army of super soldiers.

Can Larissa and her fellow captives hatch a plan to thwart their efforts? To avert disaster, she must make an impossible choice:

Will she choose love, or turn her back on it for survival and the greater good?

Great for lovers of Sci-fi and Paranormal with elements of romance.