Susan McKenzie is an Australian author who has written the Sci-fi novels, Tamisan, Enigma, Touch of Lightning, and Power of Lightning, and the short stories, The Alien and Seduced by a Vampire.

She is also the illustrator for a children’s story called The Lake by Richard Dabinett.

Susan has completed many art courses and holds a diploma in Information Technology. She taught IT for 15 years at TAFE in Australia and likes to help other authors with computer-related issues.

Because she loves anything book-related, she also formats books for print, converts manuscripts to all popular eBook formats, and offers proofreading services.

Unlike most other authors, she’s not a coffee addict – but chocolate? Now that’s a different story. Or Monte Carlo biscuits (that’s a type of sandwich cookie for American readers). When she’s not writing or working, she loves to paint, draw and play the guitar.

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